Saturday, November 10, 2007

This is my house from a different angle

So, since only my parents and sister will get the title of this post, I have to explain. I hate when I am left out of the inside jokes so I would never do that to you.

My sister set me up with a guy she worked with while I was in college. I will not name names in order to maintain his privacy, and because his name is a whole other inside joke story to share at another time.

He was a little different from the guys I had dated in the past. An example being that one of our dates was to a Monster Truck Show. Second row. So romantic. Also, he had a huge passion for hunting.
He came to dinner one night with my family and brought along a video of his hunting trip to show us all the dear he shot. When we turned it on it was a shot of Bambi's dad, dead, strapped to the back of a four wheeler. All was quiet as the camera gazed upon the animal, then the videographer walked to the other side of the four wheeler and you heard a voice say "And here's the deer from a diffrnt angle."

On Friday morning Olivia jumped in bed with Thomas, which she loves to do, and asked me to take their picture. After I did she asked to look at the pictures in the camera. Then she apparently walked around the house taking pictures while I finished getting dressed.

Our House: A Photo Essay by Olivia Fawkes.

Thomas' Room

Our Bathroom

(with the missing drawer knob)

Hallway Shelf

Coat Closet

(what made her open the door to take a picture I will never know.)

Olivia's Room

Table in Entry Way

Dining Room


Thomas, still waking up



Anonymous said...

I love this! I think you should develop the hallway shelf (the one with the glasses) in black and white and frame it. It's a good picture.

Katherine Hill

Carole said...

Very creative post Molly! I love the last 2 pics of them!

Anonymous said...

I am so PROUD! Miss O is our new photographer. I would be happy to blow up prints, I'm thinking big art for the livingroom. Love T

Anonymous said...

that was great Molly thanks for sharing.Hope you keep those forever to show her later in live