Monday, June 18, 2007

Attack of the Killer Web Worms

Does this look familiar? Are you, too, scared to step outside for fear of attack? Are you having to check your clothes and hair before coming inside as they seem to drop out of the sky? Do you see them in your dreams? Can you feel them crawling on your legs? Are you getting a picture of the personal hell I am in?

To top it all off my daughter thinks they are cute. Good pets. Wants to save them all. Every time I kill one she says, "Are you putting that caterpillar to sleep mama?" Yes, a long, deep, head severing sleep.

A few days back she picked one up and wanted to bring it inside to put in her bug barn. Honestly, my worst fear come true, a live, breeding web worm in my house. I could just see them eating the curtains, my couch, even the rug, and we would all be covered in webs by morning. Poor Thomas, so much life to live.

Mike explained to her that we would not be bringing in a web worm, that she needed to leave it outside. He showed her how the webs were ruining the trees, we didn't want them in the house. Of course this worked and she dropped it and came skipping inside. NOT. She screamed and cried, calling out "I LOVE HIM!" Oh, my little bug lover. The lover of even the unloveable bug.

Her new job is to collect them all into a container. She gets them off our bushes, plants, PORCH, grass. She gives them leaves to eat, talks to them, tells them she loves them. Little does she know we are just having her gather them for a big worm burning. Hey, some lessons in life are hard to learn. It is our job to teach them, in the most loving way possible...

You think you are cute, don't you, wooing my daughter into your webby cluches? Well, we WILL get rid of you. MWA HA HA HA HA

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sit down before you fall down

My grandfather, Thomas' namesake, was an amazing man with a lot of great qualities (obviously if I named my son after him), one of which was he was never in a rush. This meant he always had time for you, and also meant he moved a little slow. He would mosey. And he was proud to mosey. In fact, one of his dreams was to unite those who loved to mosey as much as he in the form of a club called Mosey International.

Turns out Thomas would have been an excellent protege as he has two of the most important qualities according to the membership form my grandfather created; Thomas would much rather sit than stand and when he is sitting he would prefer to be laying.

Fortunately, motivation has kicked in and Thomas has begun to sit up! Alone! For long periods of time! It is official, we can check it off, write it in the baby book, in pen. He has worked hard and we are VERY proud of him.

As you can tell from this picture, we in this family take sitting VERY SERIOUSLY. No smiling, none, better not, or else.

We do have fun around here. We do.

And seriously, what was BabyGap thinking?

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Things that are easier now that Thomas is off oxygen

1. Leaving the house with Thomas

2. Changing Thomas' clothes

3. Giving Thomas a bath

4. Cooking dinner (open flame dangers)

5. Carrying Thomas

6. Playing outside!

Tonight was the first time that Thomas got to swing in our backyard swing. Sad since he is 10 months old. Now, before you catagorize me as a boring mom who didn't even try to get creative with the oxygen tank attachment, I will say he has been on a swing in my lap and in an indoor baby swing, plus he was pushed in a swing at the park a few weeks ago by my sweet, sweet friend Pam, and over Memorial Day weekend we put him in a swing but he hated it. For for the sake of this entry, we will say this was his FIRST TIME SWINGING and invite you to join us in the moment through the magic of photography.

Is he cute or what?

Action Shot!

While we were out there, we had a rare outdoor siting that was most exciting for this black thumbed gardner.

Just look at those beautiful blooms. And those Hostas have returned from last year's planting. Does that spell success or what? So all this rain has been good for something, for this is what I am usually capable of producing.

I have no idea how that happens. None.
Oh, BTW, I fixed the comments so anyone can post one, not just those with blog accounts.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Now You Can Read All About It

So I thought I would start a blog so we could post updates on our family post heart surgery. I haven't sent mass emails since the telling everyone we were home. I am sure many have missed the frequent updates of the going ons over here. Really, I am sure you have felt a void. Well, void no more as I have started a blog. Internet help us. Mostly I was thinking it would be nice to have a place to write and for some reason the computer feels like a good spot. Don't worry, I have a journal for all the really sappy, personal stuff. No need to be too transparent out here where just anyone could be reading, right?

So, post surgery things are going well. The GREAT news is that Thomas' heart is perfect. No residual murmur, no more meds, already back to normal size. It is amazing. God is amazing actually. He has more energy, eats better, looks better and cries louder. Believe it or not I am so glad about that as now I know he has better lung capacity to really belt one out. Something he never did before.

We go to the pulmonologist on Monday to check his lungs. We pray for as good of a report.
Since being home we have reemerged into the world. Olivia is taking gymnastics and I am so glad to have something that is hers. We are back at church as a family and it feels good. We have seen friends, gone to playgroups, been out to dinner. Everywhere we go, Thomas is wide eyed at all the people. He is such a watcher. I wonder what he is thinking, like "Where did all these people come from."

We have also started back with drs. appointments. Everything had to be put on hold before surgery to keep him well. His eyes were tested this week and he did great. Believe it or not, they can tell he has 20/85 vision. The doctor at the Retina Foundation said this was well within normal limits for his age. The information will go on to our Opthamologist to see what he thinks.

Next we will have his head looked at to see if he qualifies for a helmet (doc band). From so much time on his back, he has a somewhat flat spot on one side. We are just going to get it checked and if he qualifies we will make a decision then.

I remain thankful for the small things, like all sleeping together under one roof, I pray it maintains. So much I took for granted before all this. My new attitude benefits Olivia the most, as I know for sure there are worse things than an whiny three year old, although some days I remind mysef FREQUENTLY.

Here are a few fun pictures from Mother's Day at the Arboretum and Memorial Day at Lake Texoma.

Did I mention that this blog was really just a way for me to shamelessly show off my adorable kids. And to rub it in babygap's noses that they didn't pick Olivia to be this year's gap kid.

Mother's Day

Memorial Day:

He loves those glasses, actually laughed when we put them on. You wouldn't guess from the picture.