Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sit down before you fall down

My grandfather, Thomas' namesake, was an amazing man with a lot of great qualities (obviously if I named my son after him), one of which was he was never in a rush. This meant he always had time for you, and also meant he moved a little slow. He would mosey. And he was proud to mosey. In fact, one of his dreams was to unite those who loved to mosey as much as he in the form of a club called Mosey International.

Turns out Thomas would have been an excellent protege as he has two of the most important qualities according to the membership form my grandfather created; Thomas would much rather sit than stand and when he is sitting he would prefer to be laying.

Fortunately, motivation has kicked in and Thomas has begun to sit up! Alone! For long periods of time! It is official, we can check it off, write it in the baby book, in pen. He has worked hard and we are VERY proud of him.

As you can tell from this picture, we in this family take sitting VERY SERIOUSLY. No smiling, none, better not, or else.

We do have fun around here. We do.

And seriously, what was BabyGap thinking?


Debi said...

Baby Gap was so wrong!
Thomas is lookin' great in that sitting position.


Mary said...

I LOVE the sitting picture. I'd love to get my hands on those cheeks. Got some cute kids, Molly!