Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Things that are easier now that Thomas is off oxygen

1. Leaving the house with Thomas

2. Changing Thomas' clothes

3. Giving Thomas a bath

4. Cooking dinner (open flame dangers)

5. Carrying Thomas

6. Playing outside!

Tonight was the first time that Thomas got to swing in our backyard swing. Sad since he is 10 months old. Now, before you catagorize me as a boring mom who didn't even try to get creative with the oxygen tank attachment, I will say he has been on a swing in my lap and in an indoor baby swing, plus he was pushed in a swing at the park a few weeks ago by my sweet, sweet friend Pam, and over Memorial Day weekend we put him in a swing but he hated it. For for the sake of this entry, we will say this was his FIRST TIME SWINGING and invite you to join us in the moment through the magic of photography.

Is he cute or what?

Action Shot!

While we were out there, we had a rare outdoor siting that was most exciting for this black thumbed gardner.

Just look at those beautiful blooms. And those Hostas have returned from last year's planting. Does that spell success or what? So all this rain has been good for something, for this is what I am usually capable of producing.

I have no idea how that happens. None.
Oh, BTW, I fixed the comments so anyone can post one, not just those with blog accounts.


Anonymous said...

Hi Fawkes Family!

Thanks for the great updates - I am, of course, jealous, as you are way more techincally saavy than I am! :) The kids are super cute, and Gap is definitely at a loss this year!

Love, Keith, Kaitlin, Maddie & Logan

Carole said...

We love that first picture of Thomas - so cute!