Monday, June 18, 2007

Attack of the Killer Web Worms

Does this look familiar? Are you, too, scared to step outside for fear of attack? Are you having to check your clothes and hair before coming inside as they seem to drop out of the sky? Do you see them in your dreams? Can you feel them crawling on your legs? Are you getting a picture of the personal hell I am in?

To top it all off my daughter thinks they are cute. Good pets. Wants to save them all. Every time I kill one she says, "Are you putting that caterpillar to sleep mama?" Yes, a long, deep, head severing sleep.

A few days back she picked one up and wanted to bring it inside to put in her bug barn. Honestly, my worst fear come true, a live, breeding web worm in my house. I could just see them eating the curtains, my couch, even the rug, and we would all be covered in webs by morning. Poor Thomas, so much life to live.

Mike explained to her that we would not be bringing in a web worm, that she needed to leave it outside. He showed her how the webs were ruining the trees, we didn't want them in the house. Of course this worked and she dropped it and came skipping inside. NOT. She screamed and cried, calling out "I LOVE HIM!" Oh, my little bug lover. The lover of even the unloveable bug.

Her new job is to collect them all into a container. She gets them off our bushes, plants, PORCH, grass. She gives them leaves to eat, talks to them, tells them she loves them. Little does she know we are just having her gather them for a big worm burning. Hey, some lessons in life are hard to learn. It is our job to teach them, in the most loving way possible...

You think you are cute, don't you, wooing my daughter into your webby cluches? Well, we WILL get rid of you. MWA HA HA HA HA


Anonymous said...

I hate to break it to you my friend but you have now officially entered the world of "scrapbooking" about your children. This stuff will be so cool for them to read when they get older.

Congratulations on Thomas sitting up - can't wait to find out what is next for him!

Kim said...

Poor Olivia! Her loves are going to be snuffed out by her Mama's Final Solution. Good thing there will be plenty more of them for her to fall in love with!

Great post. Thanks for the laugh!