Tuesday, July 3, 2007

This is Dedicated to the One I Love

SIDE NOTE: I started reading "mommy blogs" shortly after Thomas was born when my friend Kim (Hi Kim! I miss you!) turned me on to a few. I always thought it would be fun to have one. I also was so surprised to see that people were paid to have blogs. Yes, paid. You can check it out yourself if you don't belive me at ClubMom.com. I thought, paid for writing in a journal? What? How hard is it? Obviously much harder than I thought being that I can't even post once a week. Oh, the things I think I would be so much better at than those who already do it. Much like when I was a waitress and I said I wouldn't let my child eat french fries when we went out to eat. How hard is it when all you have to do is just not tell them they are on the menu? Yeah right.

I digress...

Our family was so excited to dedicate Thomas this past Sunday. We originally had the service scheduled for January 24th. Being that Thomas wasn't released from the hospital until January 17th after that nasty bout with RSV and we were basically told not to let him around anything that could possibly carry or breed germs besides ourselves, we had to cancel.

It was a special time for Mike and I. If nothing else, this experience with Thomas has taught us that this life is not about us. We are not in control, of anything. Despite our best efforts. Thomas' life is for God. We are here as his shepherds and we are so honored to be chosen. We are dedicated to be the parents God wants us to be to both our children. This has proven to be so much different than we thought it would be. And it has proven to be so much better.

We were thankful to celebrate afterwards, at what my great uncle called Thomas' Post Surgery Coming Out Party, with friends and family (we had over 70 of you stop by! Wow!). We fear nothing now, as we know God will carry us through, using those around us when needed. We are blessed with so many who are willing to be used.

Unfortunately, we took only a few pictures at the party. Here are a few from the church and after at our house. Oh, and I will throw in some cuteness that occurred while Mike's sister and brother-in-law were here with their baby. She is adorable, and believe it or not, her personality is even cuter.

CUTE, CUTE, CUTE. And yes, Olivia has on bug pajamas. They are her cousin Aiden's and I don't think she will be giving them back willingly. I tell you, the girl is coo-coo for anything with 6 or more legs...


Carole said...

Glad you updated Molly! That pic of all of you at church is great!

Mary said...

How special! Wish I could have seen it.