Sunday, July 8, 2007

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Our lunchtime conversation:

"Has it been raining three years or five years mommy?"

"Feels like it has been five years."

Nothing like having a pool party to go to, something the whole family would love, and looking up into the sky to see those luminous grey rain clouds. Oh but wait, now it is sunny, now we can go! Oh, check again, it is raining. What is up with the moody sky?

Plus, Olivia has an extreme fear of thunder. When we were getting out of the car after church, she was walking up to the house when the thunder started rolling. She immediately started crying and running in circles, for she didn't know if she should run to me or the house. It was cute. Where was the greater safety? Mommy's arms won out. It's great to be a mom.

Despite the rain we have had some outdoor fun.

Swimming (Thomas' first time):

Bike Riding (Olivia's first bike! Thanks Kate for passing it along.):

A visit to the Nasher Sculptor Gardens (which BTW is free the first Saturday of the month):

We hope you too are finding time for some outdoor recreation. To quote the late, great John Denver, "Sunshine on My Shoulders Makes me Happy".

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