Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Give me your tired

Being a mom makes you tired. At least it does me. I take a nap almost everyday now, and boy do I feel lazy. Sort of. Dr Pepper, who used to be my best friend, is now my alter ego, and ironically most likely the cause for my constant sleepiness. Yes, mom I am taking my vitamins and and eating fruits and vegetables. Yes, I am even taking my calcium.

In this house we are sleeping the best we have in awhile. Unfortunately, those under 4 feet tall like to awake with the sun. Without fail, there is a three year old at my bedside or calling for me from hers by 6:15. Shortly there after I hear the thump thump of Thomas kicking his feet against his mattress. I beg for more sleep, offering books, polly pockets, even my own bed, but she will not be thwarted, and by now the kicking in the other room has turned into a yelling/calling sound. I must get up and tend to those I am responsible for. I mean three is a little too young to be teaching her how to make her own cereal bowl and turn on the DVD, right?

We found an appropriate song for our little early bird by Trout Fishing in America. It is called My Hair Had A Party Last Night.

Surely, those who wrote it have a child with curly hair.

I guess my sleeping in days will have to wait until my kids are teenagers, until then, feel free to call or pop in before 7. We're up.

**P.S. Parents, you do not have to succumb to nursery rhymes and kid sing alongs as your only source of musical pleasure when with your kids (however we do enjoy those, too). There are a bunch of great artists out there that are making good kids albums, like Trout Fishing. Sara Hickman, Lisa Loeb and Dan Zanes are a few of the ones we really like. AND, for those of you from my generation, They Might Be Giants even has a kids album, and it is not bad (we may be late on this since we do not have cable and therefore do not watch the new Mickey Mouse show which it appears they wrote the theme song for). Oh, and for those who enjoy a little flava, Andre 3000 (of Outcast) has a kids album, too. And apparently a show according to itunes. Check it out.


Carole said...

I'm really impressed with your knowledge of Andre 3000. You're way cooler than me.

Kim said...

Jud is checking out these albums right now on the other computer...THANK YOU for the heads up!