Thursday, December 6, 2007


So Olivia got her first "love" note. It is in the shape of a heart and reads:

To Olivia
From Andrew
Merry Christmas
I "heart" U

She was so excited to show it too me yesterday. The little boy is her friend at preschool. He is smart, cute and comes from a good family. I couldn't approve more.

They nap right next to each other, and apparently like to whisper and laugh until they both fall asleep. Oh the innocence of three-year-olds. Unfortunately, I am sure this means when he is 15 and she is 14 she will want nothing to do with him.


Nonny said...

At 14 and 15, let's hope so!! Maybe the teacher needs to separate these two. Nonny

Kaitlin Lipe said...

How are you guys doing? It seems like this is the only way that we can keep up with the Fawkes family! We miss you :)

Brandy said...

That is just TOO sweet!

Brandy said...

That is just too sweet!