Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Group Play

So the basic difference between a playdate and a playgroup is the number of people. Today we had about 15 of Olivia and Thomas' friends and mom's over to play. Probably a category 4 playgroup.

This was only our second time to host playgroup with the Early Childhood PTA. The first time was fine. There were three boys Olivia's age and another sibling that was Thomas' age. The kids who came seemed to have a fun, however Olivia clung to me almost the entire time. The mom's chatted, as usual. There were snacks which hardly anyone ate. Overall successful.

Today there were 8 moms, 9 three-year-olds, 7 one-year-olds and two newborns. It was a party. This time I hardly even saw Olivia. I had forgotten to buy snacks, so of course everyone was hungry. (Luckily my SuperMommy friends came to my rescue.) There was hardly much chatting due to the fact you couldn't finish a conversation before somebody needed to be taken to the bathroom, or helped down the stair, or fed a snack. Just about every toy we own was licked, thrown or played with. And of course there were frogs, for every good playgroup needs frogs.

Here are the kids looking at the frogs eating the web worms we caught (die, web worms, die!). I will have to elaborate on the frogs in another post, it will only bog this one down. And, no that is not a real baby on the other side of the aquarium, or in this case, terrarium. It is just a very real
looking doll.

The moms got the most enjoyment out of the dressing up that was going on. Oh, the careless life of a three-year-old. They have no idea what will come back to haunt them in their teenage years...

I didn't take any pictures of the aftermath. No need to scare Mike, or any of you for that matter. I don't want to be the cause of you never signing up to host playgroup in your own home. It really is a gift to be in a room of women who are in your same life stage, trying to feel your way through a foreign land. It is freeing, it is comfortable, it is what made today a great day.


Brandy said...

"Level 4" is a pretty accurate statement in reference to the carnage, I'd say! We had a GREAT time, though!

Mallory said...

As my son is the one in the tutu, (which is fitting since I did dance while he was in the womb!)I must pass on his father's concern that this picture will still be online when he is a teenager and on the football team....