Monday, August 6, 2007

SuperMommy Wanna-Be

So I will admit, I love the feeling of accomplishment when I pull off a SuperMommy moment. SuperMommy can thwart any attack of the whines, she handles all tantrums with poise and patience, she never runs out of healthy snacks, wipes, or antibacterial gel and she always has an extra change of clothes for accidents not just for her kids, but for any kid at the playground.

SuperMommy makes rare sitings around here lately. Like last week I took my kids over to my dad's house to nap so I could go to the dentist and I had no bottle, no formula, no lovey blankets. Even after a trip home to get the forgotten bottle and formula I STILL had no lovey blankets. Happy napping! Or when I took the kids to Scottish Rite for Thomas to be measured for orthotics. A visit I thought would take mere minutes. I mean his feet are only 3 1/2 inches long, how long could it take to measure them? Turns out it took about an hour and a half and I had no snacks, no books, no toys, not even a sippy cup of water. Olivia was not thrilled.

So Thursday night when I was walking through Northpark Mall alone, on my way to make a return and my husband calls asking where Thomas' pacifier was, my heart sank. Both of the ones I knew of were in the car, in the diaper bag that my hands were too full to carry in when we came home from the doctor earlier that day. I could hear Thomas crying in the background and I knew the frustration Mike felt. I gave him the grim news and hung up. But wait, what's that? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's SuperMommy! Braincells start firing and I remember, I had put a runaway-paci-found in the dishwasher that afternoon. I dial home and relish in my moment of saving my husband from a torturous bedtime, for trying to give medication without a pacifier is a difficult task, as it aides so nicely in the swallowing that is necessary.

Victory at last.

Now I have a favor to ask. I need your help picking the best picture to submit of Thomas and his friend Hunter to a calendar photo contest. And for those of you worried that I am becoming the next Lynn Spears, fear not. I don't even think it is fair to call it a contest, as it appears that as many pictures as can fit are in the calendar. Anyway, here's the story.

My dear friend Carole has a son who also has had to wear a DOC band. In fact, the boys got them only a week apart. For Thomas' birthday, Carole has Thomas' helmet painted like a Cowboys football helmet just like her sons. So when we heard that the DOC band company was having a calendar photo contest, we knew our boys would be a shew in for the cover (that is as long as those people over there at DOC band have more sense than Babygap).

We had our photo shoot this weekend and now we need your opinion on which one to submit.

Picture 1
I will edit out the red line.

Picture 2
I like that you can see the stars

Picture 3

Not a candidate, but how cute is this picture.

So this is how this works. You pick the picture you like. You click on comments at the end of this entry. You post a comment, either as a member (if you have a blog on blogspot) or as anonymous, which you will have to sign your name in your comment if you want me to know who you are.

So vote people! Exercise your right as an Internet user!

And let's all hope that SuperMommy will show up to Thomas' helmet check appointment on the 14th with a printed copy of the winning picture and a copy on disc, for that is the last day to enter. (And seriously, every month of the 2006 calendar probably had 20 snap shots of kids in helmets. This is not the Mr. Universe Pagent.)


Anonymous said...

Definitely Picture 3!


carolyn said...

#3 Carolyn

Molly said...

okay, and as Carolyn just proved, you can click other, type your name and then post a comment. You learn something new everyday...

Carole said...

I like 1 if you edit out the line. They totally better pick one of our pictures.

Anonymous said...

Picture 3 is my vote for these cuties.

Anonymous said...

That last was mine . . . Nonny!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Picture #1

Anonymous said...

I also like #1. Love, mom