Monday, October 8, 2007

So much to say, so little time

Life has been a little hectic lately. I am definitely the over scheduled mom. I think my problem is I get beat down by the doctor and therapy appointments that fill our calendar, so I plan just as many fun outings or get togethers to try to balance it out. New plan, get over it.

Anyway, here is the latest around here in news blurb format:

Good news! Thomas graduated from DOC band and no longer wears a helmet! Yea! We have been swimming, to the park, on walks, played in the backyard. It is great. AND his head looks so round and purty. Way to go Thomas.

Bad news! Thomas had another ear infection, his 5th. He is now getting tubes. In fact, he will get them on Thursday morn.

Good news! This should stop the ear infections and get us through a winter season with much less pondering of whether or not to take him to the doctor to have his ears checked and risk exposure to all kinds of airborne diseases or not.

More good news! Thomas got his first tooth! It was a typical evening late in August, the baths were done, Mike was giving him his prevacid and felt it. A TOOTH! Bottom right. Glorious.

A job! I got a job! It is a part time working mostly from home gig with RISD and I am thrilled about it. I will be back with some of my favorite people, bonus, and I will be helping educate kid, double bonus.

So, what's there to complain about? Olivia LOVES school, the kids are healthy, A TOOTH!. Now if only the Cowboys can pull off an upset....


Carole said...

You totally didn't tell me about the tooth! How exciting! And how bout them Cowboys!!

Kaitlin Lipe said...

Go Thomas! How'd the tube procedure go? We've had a great experience with them!