Sunday, October 14, 2007

Values Compromised

So tonight I did it. I fed my family dinner in front of the television at home. In three years we have not allowed television to be a part of our family meal, at least since Olivia has started sharing it with us. Don't get me wrong, we have eaten many a meal in restaurants or at social events where the tv was on, but not here in our own home when it is just the four of us.

Tonight was the night, and what show you ask caused me to bend the rules? The Cowboys, specifically Tony Romo, and my belief that he could lead his team to another come-from-behind victory. I had high hopes, and a friendly bet at church of all places, that he could do it.

Do you ever fall into the belief that if YOU, the fan, keep watching the game then the momentum will change? If YOU, the fan, were to turn it off or give up it would make a difference, because YOU, the fan, are such an important part of the team, equal, to say, the kicker?

Funny, and totally not true, for they lost and there we all were, watching them, in the living room, with our left over pork loin in front of us.

Recently I heard a wonderful sermon from a missionary during Scofield's Missions Conference. He talked about how satan will use anything to keep our focus off God and His wants. Media, music, hobbies, literature, telephone, computer, even ministry. Anything that fills our eyes, thoughts, actions, keeps us moving, keeps us from seeing, hearing, feeling God.

It was convicting because it was true for me. So often when I am alone in the house or have time to myself I seek noise. Music or television or a phone conversation. Once I have had my quiet time, prayed and/or read my bible I am back up, in action, filling space and time with so many trivial things.

And tonight I made a football team more important than family time. I am disappointed because now I realize how much I do this in so many other instances. At night, when Mike and I finally get to sit down and be together, so often we watch reruns of the Office or our latest Netflix. I make phone calls to dear friends while driving or doing chores when my attention is not on listening to them, but divided. I read magazines while my daughter plays in the bathtub. If I keep going I might get depressed.

So will my kids remember this night when we chose a football game over quality time with them? I seriously doubt it, they are young. But will Olivia be asking repeatedly in a high pitched whine if she can eat dinner at the coffee table and watch Cars tomorrow night? Probably, and oh the joy that will bring to my heart knowing I am the one that introduced that fantasy to her young impressionable mind.

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Kaitlin Lipe said...

I'm all for a little variety once in a while - and, if eating dinner in front of the TV every once in a while is the worst that happens, your kids will be set for life! Don't be so hard on yourself :)