Friday, October 26, 2007


My friend Jennifer called after reading my last post to see how I was doing. My response was "whatever". She shared how she had taken a liking to that word as well as she had spent the last week going to doctor's appointments, juggling work and sick kids, and a lot more.

And really it is a perfect word to describe frustration over life's circumstances, at least for me right now.

I loved when Kelly on The Office freaked out on Darryl and ended the conversation by making a W on her forehead and then an L. Whatever Loser!

It means you're an idiot.

It means I don't want to talk about it.

It means I don't have an opinion.

It means sure.

It means I can go with the flow.

It means bring it on.

So after my online pity party on Wednesday I picked myself up, dusted myself off and got back to being a mom to the best kids in the world. Bring it on, I am ready. We can handle anything that comes our way.

I know this because I have an awesome God, one who uses my many friends and family members to gently remind me that life is hard and we are in this together. I know this because they call, offer support and to take me to coffee, they bring meals and pray for my family.

My devotional yesterday was perfect.

I will make thee a new sharp threshing instrument Isaiah 41:15

A bar of steel is worth five dollars, but when made into horseshoes is worth ten. Into needles, $350. Into penknife blades $32,000. Into springs for watches $250,000. What drilling the bar must endure to be worth this.

It is painful to watch my son be "drilled". It is painful to watch my family. I know though it must be painful for God to watch us be drilled as well, for he calls me daughter, and I call Him Father.

In the end it will all be worth it, I believe that to be true. So whatever, bring it on.


Christy Stout said...

Bring it on, I love this! We are studying 1 Peter in church and Bible Studay and today we discussed suffering for Christ. We don't have to be glad in the suffering, but we need to be glad that God gives us the opportunity to know Him in a different way through the suffering. I love you Molly, and am excited that you get to grow closer to God through this! We are prayin for you and your faithful family!

Kaitlin Lipe said...

Molly, I thought Christy's commnent was so amazing, as we studied Phillipians last Sunday - also suffering for Christ. In fact, we specifically discussed Phillipians 4:13 in the context of the original text, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthins me." "Do" actully means to endure rather than to accomplish, in light of the surrounding verses. We, too, continue to pray for you all (as well as the rest of the New Horizons group!)